The thing about commons, our dining hall here, is that everything is quite frankly… common.  Now here is the situation – lets say we have spaghetti with meat sauce, and pizza for dinner on Monday.  Mysteriously, on Tuesday, what do you know?  Sloppy joes?  Kinda tastes like the meat sauce from yesterday… interesting.  Oh well, it’s probably just a coincidence.  Oh and look!  Calzones – kinda looks like the pizza we had yesterday only folded into a strange, odd shape.  Wednesday – Chili Mac.  Well they must have run out of noodles from Monday, but there’s still meat left so lets make another dish with meat sauce. Thursday – Mac and Cheese.  The truckload of multi-purpose B grade meat must be gone by today.  Friday – that left over cheese from the macaroni goes back on the pizza and here we go with another week.  


You can tell when you walk into Commons what kind of week it’s going to be.  Tip off – the pizza.  If there is BBQ Chicken Pizza, you’d damn well better expect a chicken sandwich for lunch, chicken noodle soup, chicken pot pies, “monterey chicken sandwich” (variation of the standard), and chicken risotto.  Or, if you go in on Monday and see taco pizza (pizza with the left over beef as mentioned earlier) then you can look forward to a week full of hidden beef.  Tacos, burritos, taquitos, etc.  And you’d better bet that if there’s any left overs, you’re havin’ spaghetti and meat sauce, and if you’re lucky meat balls.  


So, I mean that is fine – I’m all for conservation of our resources.  Common’s remedies this with their “main” dish every day.  Usually, it is Stir Fry _________.  You can fill in that blank, and they have, with anything humanly possible.

“Uci Commons – Yeah, we can stir-fry that.” should be their motto.  “Hey boss, we’ve got a lotta’ left over stuff back here.”  “Can it be stir-fried?”  “Probably….”  “Then why’d you bother asking me!  Stir fry that!”


I do like eating there though, they have frozen yogurt which is kinda’ cool.  It’s not cool when they have peach flavored yogurt, (usually vanilla and chocolate) and for a couple days after, all the flavors have a hint of peach in them, unfortunately.  And sometimes if you’re feelin’ crazy you can get swirl which combines the two flavors, but sometimes it’s just chocolate or just vanilla strangely or vanilla-peach or chocolate-peach or sometimes vanilla-chocolate-peach.  Fail.  The donuts are good, which means they probably weren’t made there.  


So look forward to college eating, you can be excited to eat there a minimum of 100 times a quarter.  Woo.  Ramen’s looking a hell of a lot better by the day.

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3 Responses to Commons

  1. Terry Lok says:

    good to see you blogging again

  2. Keith says:

    Oh wow.
    Yea I feel ya Kyle, but I miss commons so much now. When I go now I’m in heave. GRADE B BEEF PLEASE!!!! lol

  3. Keith says:

    spelling fail

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