Spring Break

Hope you guys are all having a good break.  I’ve just been going to rowing practice every day 2x a day.  Ha!  But… it’s fun, being on the water, eating out and stuff – even though it’s costing my a fortune.  Whatever.  Going to take a nap ’til practice at 5.  

I’m the only person in my entire hall that is here right now, except my friend Kristy but I still haven’t seen her.  If any of you have ever seen the movie, “The Shining,” it’s a lot like that.  Basically this guy goes to this hotel that is deserted for winter and goes crazy and ends up killing his family.  

That’s me, at the end of this week.

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One Response to Spring Break

  1. Keith says:

    hmm.. in that case I think I’ll tell Mark to stop inviting you when we go eat. Damn.. I better stop guilt tripping you. I’m going to get my self murdered.

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