UCI Gunman Incident

From OC Register

From OC Register - Shot of the police cars outside of Mesa Court.

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you know all about what’s been going on.  UCI students received a zotALERT reading, “At 1:26pm today, it was reported that a suspicious individual carrying a possible rifle was seen walking South from Mesa Drive toward the campus. Subject was described as a white male, 6 feet tall, 180 lbs, with blond hair and wearing a beige camouflage outfit and desert type boots. Call 911 immediately if subject is seen.”  There were a ton of police officers on campus and patrolling on-campus housing.

The UCI Student Center was locked-down with students inside where the suspect was eventually arrested.  Accoring to the OC Register, “He was on the phone and this man came in and said ‘You! Get on the ground!’ He said. “They grabbed him and were on top of him like a normal kind of arrest you’d see on TV.” he said.”  

Pretty exciting stuff, it was really amazing how quickly news spreads across campus and I love it.  Instead of waiting for news sources to get the story afterwards, I can go on Twitter and Facebook and see updates from people who were within twenty feet of the suspect.  While some people have much different stories than others, it’s still fun to hear and talk about.

Glad everything turned out okay.  Back to being the safest city around.


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