Writing 39C




Up all night writing an 8 page paper for my writing class about gangs of Los Angeles.  It’s amazing what a few cups of sub-par coffee can do to you at 5:00 a.m.  It’s also amazing that I just finished the last paper of my freshman year in college.

All I could think about while writing the damn thing was picturing myself as the most bad-ass gang king pin ever.  I could just have my gang members “take care” of my writing teacher and all my problems would be solved, then I would say something cool at the crime scene and hop back in my Royce and enjoy being bad.  Unfortunately I don’t think I’m the type.

Nice to see a little of the Irvine sunrise – as nice as it sets.  Last few days of Mesa Court.

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2 Responses to Writing 39C

  1. Terry Lok says:

    i’m guessing college is going by even faster than high school did eh?

  2. kylekernohan says:

    it’s going by faster than anything i’ve ever experienced hahahaha

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