M.J. Simpsons

With all that’s been going on today, obviously there is little need to restate what took place this afternoon.  So many people, literally around the world, explained their debt to the pop-giant.  I thought to myself about all the Michael Jackson songs I knew, and I really don’t know more than one or two, thanks to Rush Hour for the ones I do know.  So I was thinking about – gosh I really wish that there was something that I could relate to him through.

Little known fact is that Michael was a huge Simpsons fan.  Anyone who knows me will know that I am as well.  Because of his natural personality, he liked to keep to himself and remain inconspicuous, and did so as a guest voice in a Simpsons episode.  In this episode Michael Jackson does the voice of Leon Kompowsky a mental institution volunteer who claims to be Michael but no one believes him.  In the episode it is of course really Michael doing the voices.

In the episode, it’s Lisa’s birthday and Bart of course has nothing to give her on her birthday, except a song that Bart and Michael Jackson wrote together the night of her birthday.

I remember seeing this episode as a kid and it brought back a lot of memories watching the clip (well sound only) again.  Michael Jackson’s reach was extremely great and even for someone who was not even a direct fan of his music, there still was impact.

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One Response to M.J. Simpsons

  1. Just wanted to say I just ordered this Thriller Album, to bring back Michael in our memories. I grew up with MJ. He is the Best! We will certainly miss you.

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