MacBook Maintenance (It’s just a joke) – Kyle

It’s a rare event that something serious goes onto this site. Usually things are light-hearted and of good nature, however this is a very concerning post.

Most of us have purchased MacBooks and maybe you have purchased an Apple Computer in the recent past.  You also probably take very good care of it and want to make sure you get the most use for your money out of it.

In order to do so, a specific type of maintenance must be performed only once via the linked website which is linked to the CAUTION sign.  All you have to do it click the CAUTION sign and it will take care of itself.  Your computer will not be harmed in anyway I guarantee it.

(This works for all computer types.)

For the sake of your computer, click the sign.

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3 Responses to MacBook Maintenance (It’s just a joke) – Kyle

  1. D-Chen says:

    this seems like a virus man…. plus doesnt sound like your writing lol

  2. kylekernohan says:

    ahahah it’s me and it’s really not a virus

  3. D-Chen says:

    hahah that was funny. (i clicked it).

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