New Fantasmic Dragon

Picture 1

(retro dragon from Jeff Keller’s Blog – Everyone Else is Doing it…)

Disney had intended on adding a new dragon to Fantasmic on June 12, 2009 just in time for the summer season however, due to mechanical issues they had to pull it until September 1st.  Major fail.  Disney’s been hyping up that bad boy all summer and sure enough, when I went to check it out in June they still had the retro dragon (seen above) that wiggled around kinda’ like this guy on the left.  It looked like a stick with rags draped over it, really, look at it.  Now that I think about it, I can definitely see why someone decided to change it.

So they did decide to make a change and the plan was that it should look like this.

dragon fail

So they finally build the multimillion dollar thing but when they first put it out there, rumors online have said that the neck broke off.  “LOL Disney = FAIL….”  I’m not sure if this is true, but I’m going to go with that story regardless of it’s validity solely because it’s funny.  No one wants to hear that it had an infrastructure malfunction… boring.

So I read online that it was coming back so I decided to head over and I brought my trusty camera and took a video.  If you’re planning on going to see it anytime soon, don’t watch! Spoiler warning.  The cool part starts at like 1:10 if you wanna’ skip the boring stuff.

The whole Fantasmic show costs $ 75,000 per showing.  At $75 bucks a person in the park, that means it only takes 1000 people to fund the show, and about 10,000 watch it per night meaning Disney is in the money.

I’d make a bigger dragon with that kind of cash.

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