UCI WebReg


Every quarter, UCI students sit at their computers and wait anxiously for the enrollment period to open on WebReg.  The tradition waking up early and preparing for the WebReg battle extends back generations and generations in UCI history.


Even people from the days of the World War are seen worried about the perils of WebReg.  I was given the chance to catch up with some of the people from the very early era of UCI and ask them just how their experiences with WebReg have effected their lives.  This person below, now 56 years old was part of the first graduating class at UCI.


Anteater: Please tell me, what are you doing in this picture?

Woman: Well, this picture was taken in front of the Administration building, the man next to me was just issued a parking ticket by the UCI Police for going 26 in a 25 zone and I am trying to send a message to the administration of UCI.

Anteater: I see, your sign says you never graduated? Please explain what happened.

Woman: Well it was 12:00 and I was sitting at my computer trying to bum rush the server (which is ironic because I am now a bum) and I just could not get in.  I refreshed like 80 times and still nothing.  Two hours later when I finally got in, it was full.  The same thing happened to me 12 times and before I knew it, it was graduation and I was short one class, Math 2B.

Anteater: What’s math 2B?

Woman: It’s this math class that the entire campus tries to get in at once, and no one gets in.

Anteater: And you being one of them?

Woman: Correct.

Anteater: So, what are your plans now, seeing as how you never achieved your degree, didn’t graduate, and are homeless all because of Math 2B and WebReg?

Woman: Currently, I teach Psychology at UCI and live under the bridge near Lees… they really scrape the bottom of the barrel for their teachers.

Anteater: Thank you, and best wishes.

webreg guy

This man too has been struck by the plague that is WebReg.  The interview was cut short when he was brutally clubbed by UCI riot control however the gist of it was that he had never finished his category VII requirement because Transnational Gangs class is always full.

More tension has grown between students and UCI which has lead to some rioting on campus.

uci water

This was shot by a fellow journalist during one of these riots.  You can see me in the headband.  This was after my tuition check got lost in the mail causing it to be one day late and UCI dropped all my classes – you can tell I’m quite upset.


These kinds of riots have thus lead UCI to establish a more forceful presence on campus.  However, it is continually an even battle between UCI students and the riot control.

Antique Auction riot

This picture, seen above, was taken this morning in the streets of Irvine when a crowd of students demanded that changes needed to be made to the WebReg system after they received the “max users error” numerous times.

However, things seem to be calming down now in the Irvine area.  The police has resumed handing out petty, useless tickets and Starbucks has now returned to being full of kids with Macbooks.

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5 Responses to UCI WebReg

  1. sara says:


    this is sooooooo true!!

  2. Ellen says:

    I can’t even sign up for the class I need for my major…and I pay almost $25,000 a year?!

  3. Terry Lok says:

    classic stuff

  4. Jones says:

    where’s the like button for this?

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