Red Cups

Everyone is so innocent as a child.  You tell your friends you’re going to be friends forever, and that you’ll always be good people, never to hang out with the wrong crowd, go down the right path, and stay the same in college and not change who you are.  Well…


Above are some red cups as kids.  Remember all the crazy stuff you used to wear when you were a kid?  I bet those cups’ moms still have those outfits somewhere.

Well quite frankly we all grow up, things change and we all go to college.  Here we see some “good” blue cups heading down the right path, participating in sports.


Other blue cups become engineering majors.


Great for them! However, some cups decide to start experimenting with parties, and they’re usually red.  Red cups are cups the ones your mom always told you not to hang around when you were a kid but they are a little misunderstood.

Picture 11

It’s a rough life once you become known for being a party cup.  You become labeled.  All you wanted to do was go to some parties, meet some people and all of the sudden you’ve created an identity.  That identity stuck and you’ve ruined the red cup reputation for everyone.

It’s not as glamorous as it seems.

Picture 10

Is this the life you want to live?


Are these “bros” at a “kickback” the people you want to hang out with?

Picture 12 It’s tough to live the life of a stereotype.  You’re not a bad person, you just have a bad reputation.

Blue cups are no “better” than red cups but changing peoples minds is a hard thing to do.

Be careful about who you associate with.

Don’t hang around art students either and end up like these guys.

They’ll be “expressing themselves” for 5 cents at Goodwill.

So stay in school, and become a respectable member of society.  It’s not too late.

Are you a Red cup or a Blue cup? Click here to vote!

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2 Responses to Red Cups

  1. Marilynn says:

    I’m a very happy red cup. Though I fail at beerpong.

  2. Ellen says:

    i LOVE this post

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