Microsoft Store

I’m sure you’ve been to an Apple store.  You know, it’s that place where you go in, touch greasy iPhones, never buy anything, take photos on Photobooth and email them to yourself?

Like this guy?

Anyways… Microsoft just came out with their own store.

Damn that looks like an Apple store, and actually Microsoft hired one of the designers that helped Apple design their stores to do a job on Microsoft.  So basically, it’s an Apple store with a different operating system.

Apparently Microsoft is more racial friendly?  Big Microsoft boy in da’ back doesn’t like pictures.

Same badge, same t-shirt, same jerks who think you’re wasting their time because you have a problem with your computer that is “below their knowledge base” even though that’s what they get paid $9.00 an hour for.

This should be Microsoft’s new logo.

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