Skellington Fans

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of “Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas” fans there are around that place.  Good lord.  I’m not exactly sure what it is.  I don’t know much about style, or fashion, but I can’t get over the “tackyness” of it all.

Anyways, I saw at least 7 somewhat overweight people with black hair, goth attire, covered head to toe in Nightmare Before Christmas gear.  Is Disneyland just the only place you can wear it without total, complete social isolation?  Or is Jack also isolated from society just as you are, therefore you can relate and should “rep” him?


Perhaps this guy feels that he can relate to Jack?



Bet that shirt was expensive.  A very “nightmare” couple.


A good example of some of the Jack accessories available, sported by these fans.


He even appeals to the emo scene.

Cassandra - Nightmare Before Christmas

I kinda’ feel sad for this baby.  Hopefully he doesn’t head down the wrong road.


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