UCLA Protest

Everyone has heard about this, yeah yeah… UCLA is bad ass.  We know.  I can’t remember the last time UCI went ape on anything.  I damn well wish they would.  Anyways, I kinda’ felt like UCI wasn’t being repped during all the ruckus going on at UCLA.  I guess I spoke too soon.

Apparently, this Asian guy is from UCI Police!  I’m not sure how valid this claim is but I don’t see a reason why someone would lie about it. Glad to see an Anteater out there giving it his all whacking some fence with some metal stick angrily.

Quotes from YouTube.

This kid seemed to come out of no where… Got a little touchy and then got shoved around by bike helmeted-tool cop number 5 of 23.  Then… after being shoved…

It’s rough out there kid.

Then you’ve got the guy who gets to the front and pushes everyone away “for their own good.”

You can watch the video here.  It’s pretty great.

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One Response to UCLA Protest

  1. person says:

    Yep thats our irvine cop alright. He is not head of UCI PD , but he works alot I will tell you that. We had about 10 officers out there that day, which was 1/3 of our police force.

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