UCI Advent Calendar

If you’ve had any kind of normal childhood and you celebrate Christmas then you’ve probably had an advent calendar.  You know, those thin cardboard calendars with frustratingly difficult to find numbers and sub-par chocolate inside that your parents got you from the grocery store?  Kinda thought that if I got one now, it would bring some of that joy and anticipation that I felt as a kid, into to my apartment.

Sadly, it wasn’t really what I remembered when I looked at the December days to come.  The chocolate was nice, but it sure didn’t make up for what was really in my stocking.

I’m desperately looking to bring back the joy of Christmas that I had as a kid.

Starting on December 13th, I’ll try to help put a little joy under your tree by posting a portion of “The Twelve Days of Christmas At UCI” every day until Christmas.  It might help.

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2 Responses to UCI Advent Calendar

  1. Rhea Donida says:

    you have a final on a saturday!? wth

  2. Keith says:

    ps. I’ve never had one of these as a child.
    Childhood FAIL!

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