UCI Black Death

Well it’s finally a new quarter.  Back to the grind I guess, gettin’ homework, going to class, getting terrorist letters…

You’ve probably heard about the “Black Death” letters professors have been getting on campus at UCI.  They’re basically letters with “Black Death” written on them, containing a white powder that was found to be harmless.  Scary stuff, considering they’ve been sent to all women professors and there doesn’t appear to be a motive.  Haven’t checked my mail yet but I’m not expecting anything.  I don’t even get mail, let alone terrorist mail.

It kinda’ puts what you get in the mail into perspective.  Most people cringe when they get a letter from the credit card company, or they get a late notice on their rent.  Well that’s nothing compared to the “Black Death” that these other guys are receiving. So the next time you open your mailbox, be thankful for your bills and AT&T advertisements.

“Ah Honey, we got a lotta’ bills this month…”

“Well at least it’s not that annoying Black Death again!”

Also, all the letters have an Idaho return address. I don’t know much about Idaho but I know that the ‘Famous Potato’ guy comes from Idaho.  He looks like he’s up to no good.  Look at his eyes.

Well hopefully everything turns out okay.

Possible Idaho Suspects:



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2 Responses to UCI Black Death

  1. Heal Ryan says:


  2. John P. says:

    I’m glad the letters are being treated seriously. I just hope nobody gets hurt. So far no other universities are being targeted. Perhaps an overzealous UCI PhD student is conducting a “social experiment”?

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