Writing sucks. I don’t like to do it, you don’t like to do it. Why do you think this blog is never updated? There is too much else to write academically for school before I even have time to think of something creative and fun to write about. Not to mention we have to write on the worlds most distracting device, a laptop.

That’s why I believe all writing should be done in pen and pencil. Pens are boring. The most excitement or distraction you get out of a pen is clicking it. Perhaps chewing it. Same with a pencil. A pencil cannot play videos of dogs smiling, or cats playing piano. A pencil cannot distract me. All it does is write. All I do on a laptop, is not write. Not right.

You should try this. It’s called Ommwriter. It’s a free program for Mac. It is hard to describe so here is a video about it. It is a program that allows for distraction free writing. It blanks our your entire screen with an ambient background, plays ambient music, and has 6 different sounds for your keys which are also – ambient.

It’s fun if nothing else.



Check it out. Courtesy of David.

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2 Responses to Ommwriter

  1. Terry Lok says:

    seems pretty distracting

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