Defining Equality

I would bet my American citizenship on the likelihood that you are already in one of these groups.  If it’s anything that these Facebook groups show us is that… we all live the same predictable life and that we are all the same, and we are equal.  I’ve found that almost everything I do, it’s basic human nature to experience.    I don’t really know what the motivation is behind creating these groups.  It seems to revolve around the creator seeing how many millions of people also did/have experienced what the title of the group is.  I constantly find myself saying, “Hey I do that, oh.. and so do… 4 and a half million other people.”  When I saw the group about, “That ‘S’ thing we all drew in elementary school” I was like, “Wow hey I remember that!”  And so did 1,500,000 other people.  I can still draw it.

What unites this country is not pride.  It’s not a flag, it’s not religion or ethnicity.  It’s not our democratic ways.  What unites this country is, “that moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant.”  It’s, “finding a bruise or cut on your body and not knowing how you got it.”  It’s, “looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up.”  I don’t care how rich or poor you are, I bet you do that.  The rich person may not know what they want to eat, and the poor person may not have any food in neither the fridge nor the cupboard.  But, whatever the reason, we all do that!

These are the things that prove we are equal.  If the world would just forget about what color one’s skin is, and just realized that we’ve all dipped our fingers in wax and let it harden, the world would be peaceful.  If 3 million people can all agree that they end their stories with, “and yeah” then Obama should end his speeches with “and yeah.”  At least we’d know it’s over.  If he wants to relate to the common people around the world, end discrimination, and promote equality, then he should say “dude” before anything moderately important like the rest of the world does.

It’s also comforting to know that everyone reads the first question and thinks “f*ck!”  We are all human.  And if you’re not a part of one of these groups, then you need to own up and join because I know you do some of these things.  There is no better way to prove our equality as a species than through Facebook groups.  So unite.  Come together and create more outlets to express our unity.

If it’s this S that can bring the country together, then so be it.  If this is the only tie we have to the next generation, then that is fine, so be it.

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5 Responses to Defining Equality

  1. Terry Lok says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL You say something funny & then someone says it louder & gets the credit.

    i typed that with a blank expression on my face

  2. fasdfdsfsd says:

    Why is this uniting us “as a nation” and not “as mankind.” Why draw the line at the US?

    • kylekernohan says:

      Just assuming that since the letter “S” is English, that it may not be drawn so widely in that fashion say, in China. If it is, I’d love to know about it.

  3. Andy says:

    Hahaha kyle i really like this!

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