KFC Double Down – The Truth

You’ve probably heard about the KFC “Double Down.”  It’s some sandwich that they sell in which the buns are replaced by two fried chicken filets.  Inside are two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and “Colonel’s Sauce.” It basically turned into an internet phenomenon.  The only time I’ve seen people eat/order this is strictly out of curiosity or humor.  People immediately began making 1000 variations of two jokes:

  • It’s a heart-attack/stroke in a sandwich
  • This is why America is fat

Well.. turns out the Double Down is compratively not that bad.  The website fivethirtyeight.com created a chart putting the Double Down up against other unhealthy food items.

The Double Down is scaled to 1 to make for easier comparison.

You’ll be sad to notice that your In-N-Out Double Double, or Whopper are in fact worse than a Double Down.  That is interesting/depressing to know.

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One Response to KFC Double Down – The Truth

  1. Terry Lok says:

    this is so awesome

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