UCI iPhone App

That’s right… I guess it had to be done sometime. With all the computer science students here I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. At the very least they didn’t try to charge you $0.99 for it, it’s a free app.

Included is a GPS function to help you find where the hell that god damn’d Parkview Classroom Building is. There are pictures of each building, the phone number for it and it’s hours.

There is a directory feature that lets you look up your TA and professor’s e-mail so that you can send them a pissy email about how unfair the final was, the second you turn it in. No more waiting until you get back to your apartment.

It also has a class scheduling feature to show what week you are in, the classes you have that day, times and dates, professors and it even gives you a map to your building. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve arrived on campus first week of the quarter and can’t remember if it’s SST 264 or 246. No more sprinting to Gateway to check online.

And, there is a pretty sweet live map of the ASUCI shuttles. No more waiting around for that bastard when you realize that it’s Saturday and the busses don’t even run on Saturday.

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One Response to UCI iPhone App

  1. Justin says:

    haha, I love this article… very humorously written.

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