UCI Med School Students Get Free iPad

I’m not sure what it is about med-school students and why they get all the cool stuff.  I could do wonders in the field of psychology if I had one of these.  Well really, all it would do is allow me to get pissed at WebReg in another form.

I could “ratemyprofessor.com” every teacher as they are speaking.  As they try to change a due date of a paper to a week earlier, everyone could hold up their iPads with that teachers rating page and allow the professor to think again if he really wants that “hot” rating or not.

I could check a professor’s syllabus BEFORE I confront him or her questioning their grading policy.  Something that I would have loved to do before making an ass out of myself.

Starbucks would be over flowing with customers because it is the ‘appropriate’ place to be seen with an iPad.

Art students would flip because they could create some conceptual piece using iPads.

Music students would never need another sheet of music.  They also could create some crazy iPad symphony.

Undeclared students could play Doodle Jump and ponder their life.

Computer Science students could talk shit on it because it isn’t hackable/mod-able/Microsoft

Psychology students iChat each other and call it a ‘study’ of “human interaction patterns when using an electronic form of communication” (=my dissertation)

Journalism students could post to their blogs “first” before anyone else can.  Being first is most important in the blog world.

English students could read books.  But, more books.

I don’t think it should be just medical students who get iPads.  We could all benefit.

Imagine if everyone on the UCI campus had an iPad?

By: By Christina Bonnington

Of Gizmodo.com

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