Midterm Studying

We are likely in the same spot at this moment in time.  Studying for a test that you are unprepared for, watching the clock creep towards the day of your midterm.

You probably have a Starbucks cup on your desk, maybe some iPod earphones in your ears.  You use every excuse that pops into your head to avoid studying.

You will decide to get up from your desk because the sink has a bunch of dishes that are dirty.  That can’t fly at 1 am; those must be taken care of – right now.  You then discover that you are hungry, you can’t study on an empty stomach and plus eating is essential.  It’s a legitimate excuse.  You drop cereal crumbs on the floor, you get out the vacuum and vacuum the whole apartment.

Who can study with dirty clothes on, you’d better take a shower and change into more comfortable clothes.  Is the air conditioning on?  It’s cold in here.  I’d better move to a better study environment.

Can I study here?  That guy over there smells and this girl’s keyboard next to me sounds like a typewriter.  God I’m tired, better get more coffee.  Damn, I forgot my receipt, can’t get a refill for 50 cents.

I’ve been studying for a while, I deserve a little Facebook.  Shit, it’s 3:00 am.  I’d better post a status about how much this sucks.  Someone liked it?  Better look through 900 of their pictures and write on their wall that you haven’t seen them in so long and that you should hang out.  You know you won’t.

You realize you just wasted an hour.  You are feeling kinda tired.  Probably time to change environment, heading into you bedroom.  Man, how did I leave my desk like this for so long?  I can’t believe I lived in such a mess, I should re-fold all my t-shirts.

Dude, this song sucks.  Come on Pandora.  New song that you like comes on, have to check their Myspace to see if they have other good songs.  I really haven’t been on Myspace in so long.

Can’t remember my password.  Guess it 39 times.  Get locked out, request a new one by e-mail.  Can’t remember the password to that e-mail account.  Screw it.

Back to studying.  Wow, I’m still on the same page?  I recognize this material, so I’ll skim through it – but I know I don’t really know the info, I just recognize what the page looks like.  Next page.

This song sucks, minimize Word.

Hey my friend takes notes on a laptop, I bet he has better notes than the ones I write by hand.  Where is my cell phone?  Text him for the notes.  He says he’ll send them in a “few.”  Better just chill and wait for the notes – can’t really be productive until I get them anyway.  I wonder if he forgot?  Text him back.  Responds by asking you for your e-mail address.  Your photo “auto-corrects” your e-mail address as you send the message.  Sorry bro.

I think my coffee is wearing off.  I should start getting ready for bed – it’s getting late and I really want a good night’s sleep.  I’ll check Facebook before bed.

2 hours later you brush your teeth.  Update status, “so effed for tomorrow.”

I wonder if my N64 still works? Wow I still have Starfox?

Wake up the next morning late for your class with the imprint of a controller on your face.

“So screwed.”

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