UCI Tuition Checks – 1973

Little known fact, my father went to UCI as well.  These are three checks that his mother (my grandmother) wrote for his tuition in 1972, 1973, 1974.

As you can see a quarters tuition fees were $160 and $208 dollars.  I believe my fees this winter quarter were $3,744.00.  My Dad’s tuition fees would not cover a campus parking pass for one quarter.

But what is interesting, in the 1970’s, is that the fees increased by about 30% from year to year.

2010 – At the Regents meeting at UCLA, fourteen students were arrested (and two tasered) as hundreds (on Wednesday) and thousands (on Thursday) demanded a rollback of the 32% student fee increases imposed by the Regents. At UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza was the scene of a five thousand strong rally at noon Wednesday, with big picket lines at campus entrances, followed by a march through downtown, up into the Berkeley City College building, and past Berkeley High. Students occupied buildings on the Berkeley, UCLA, Santa Cruz, and Davis campuses. More than fifty students were arrested at UC Davis. Nearly every campus saw teach-ins and cancelled classes. Picket lines by striking UPTE and CUE members were up at several campuses.

It seems fairly predictable to expect this 30% of increase looking back historically.  Our fees have gone up about 30% each year for the three years that I’ve been here.

The only difference is that the burden of tuition fees today, is not the same as it was back then.  That is at least, according to my father.  He noted that there weren’t big protests like there are today… probably because their fees jumped up a whopping $48 – grab your picket signs.

We can see this increase in burden by tracking the inflation rate from 1973 until 2010.  The rate is about 408%.  Assuming tuition in 1973 was about $200, that would be about the same as paying $800 today.  That just gives you a little “feeling” of how paying tuition used to feel for families 40 years ago.

This is your friendly reminder to grab the checkbook, and the three grand you have lying around and pay your tuition.  Fees are due on December 15th.

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One Response to UCI Tuition Checks – 1973

  1. Elsa Nguyen says:

    Great article, lets hope our kids don’t see this big of a difference when we’re sending them out..

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