“Bristol Palin to UC Irvine: I Want to Come There and Talk Abstinence. OC Gays to Bristol Palin: Keep Out”

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By Matt Coker, Mon., Jan. 31 2011 @ 2:03PM

bristol-palin-dwts.jpgHot hater spawn, unwed teen mom and Dancing With the Stars runner-up Bristol Palin wants to talk abstinence on university campuses, including Orange County’s UC Irvine.

That desire has prompted some OC gays to send a letter to the University of California urging a rejection of such an appearance.

Openly gay graduate student Fernando Palazzo gets the scoop for Examiner.com.

“Bristol Palin is a hypocrite,” wrote Joel Waddel, Orange County Equality Project spokesman, in the letter. “Having her speak about abstinence is like asking her mother to speak about geography.”

“The Palins are a hateful family with an anti-gay agenda,” added Pablo Flores of Latinos Transgender Orange County. “We should not have to pay taxes for someone as morally hypocritical and irresponsible as Bristol or any of the Palins.”

The University of Washington University in St. Louis has rejected a Bristol Palin abstinence speech during Sexual Responsibility Week (aka “Sex Week”) there, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The flap brings to mind the public exchanges between Palin and fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant Margaret Cho, who started by blogging in late November that Sarah Palin blames Bristol “harshly and openly” for losing her the election and that, to make up for it, she forced her daughter to perform on the show to get America behind the Palin family again.

Bristol then responded via Facebook that while she considers Cho her friend, Palin did not take kindly to the allegations about her mother, allegations Bristol said were un-factual before ending with a statement some considered homophobic or at least making fun of gay people: “You say you ‘don’t agree with the family’s politics at all,’ but I say, if you understood that common-sense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than k.d. lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

That prompted gay-gay-gay Ross Mathews to comment on the Chelsea Lately roundtable, “You were on Dancing With the Stars! It took a village of gays to make you look how you looked on that show. It’s not smart to mess with us. We are here, we are queer, and we do your hair, Bristol!”

I just wonder what else there is for students to do in their downtime in Irvine other than getting it on.

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