UCI’s Early Greek Life – 1970’s

“UCI’s Greek Life began in 1973 with three sororities (Delta Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, and Gamma Phi Beta) and three fraternities (Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delta Theta)

When UCI opened in 1965 there were no fraternities or sororities on campus. Following the advice of the Student Senate and the faculty Academic Senate, Chancellor Aldrich agreed to place a moratorium on the admission of national social organizations. Between 1969 and 1970 students asked the Chancellor to allow the groups to establish chapters, but the two Senates once again advised against, and the existing policy was maintained.

In 1972, however, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting the admission of national organizations to college or university campuses violated the First Amendment. As a result, Aldrich appointed a faculty-student-staff committee to advise him, and the group recommended that three fraternities and three sororities be admitted.”


UCI has a fairly short history.  The University opened in 1965, and did not have Greek life until eight years later in 1973.  Below are some of the rush flyers from early UC Irvine fraternities.  They are from around circa 1974?

The artwork is really great.  The text is hand printed.  Each of these flyers were mailed out individually to students rather than handed out on Ring Road.  Fraternities were considered underground at the time and did not have official University standing until around 1973 when the Supreme Court allowed fraternities on campus.

Apparently then, buses left from the Arts buildings because they didn’t have the ARC obviously.  They all met up at a house in Newport.  Sound familiar?

Coat and tie cocktail affair again in Newport.  Arroyo Vista was not even a thought yet.

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