Chris Jericho is now Chris Irvine

Apparently former WWF/WWE champion wrestler Chris Jericho, now goes by the name Chris Irvine because he is on Dancing With The Stars.  Perhaps he thought that if he changed his last name to Irvine, The Rock would not find out and have to do a “Samoan Drop” on him during a Rumba with Cheryl Burke.

Or maybe it is because he is endorsed by the UCI Wrestling Club

Chris Jericho’s PR team must have felt his new name Chris Irvine would have more ‘ring’ (bad wrestling pun).

In other less important news, “at the UC Irvine Spine Program, Dr. Samuel Bederman and Dr. Nitin Bhatia have performed the first chain of robotic Spine Surgeries.”

Their research is primarily funded by WWF/WWE’s Pile Driver Recovery Center.

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