The English Beat @ Mozambique, Laguna CA

I recently had the opportunity to cover the British 2-tone ska revival band “The English Beat,” at the Mozambique in Laguna, CA.  Dave Wakeling, lead vocals and guitar, started the band in Birmingham, England in 1978.  Now a some three decades later, the band is celebrating their 30th anniversary.  After being out of the spotlight for many years now, seeing them live was a rare event.

The nearly sold out show was packed with a crowd much older than myself.  Tons of people have clearly grown up with these guys and still manage to show up to a gig.  Older guys kept punching my arm as if congratulating me on my discovery.

The band has had an impressive touring resume playing with The Clash, The Police, REM, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, and The Specials.

So many of the bands today Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Aquabats, Mustard Plug, etc. have taken influence from this band – twenty years later.

So take a band that you like, and trace it back a little bit – you will figure out where the music you listen to, came from.

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One Response to The English Beat @ Mozambique, Laguna CA

  1. Terry Lok says:

    NICE!!! THE BEAT!!

    did you get to meet them or anything? was this for a school paper article or something?

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